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Mar 17, 2023: Some updates, regarding my social network availability (no more TWITTER!). Btw: There are still monthly airings of Radio Irrtum! at Alex Berlin/FM 91 Mhz.
Sep 25, 2022: "Radio Irrtum! is now being broadcasted at Alex Berlin on UKW 91.0 in Berlin. YAY! \o/
May 15, 2022: "Radio Irrtum! 2022/05 - Is Acid back?!" released on all relevant video and audio channels
Jan 04, 2022: "Radio Irrtum! 2022/01 - Best of 2k21" released on all relevant video and audio channels
Dec 25, 2021: "Radio Irrtum! 2021/12 - Xmas sound confusion" released on all relevant video and audio channels

Elektrische Lasagne. Most. Minimal. Version. Ever.

This is where die nicht maskierte irrtum! ("die nmi!") and all his personas (Disco Cancelator, die nicht maskierte film!, Herr Irrtum!, Ernst Thälmann Skinhead Mormonen and others) live.

For basic access to insane auditable and even audible madness go to... ... and your braincells will be reordered.

Radio Irrtum! — the unpopular visual radio show (now on Alex Berlin)
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The legendary year 2021 - release of the latest die nmi! album "don't listen to that!"

It took die nicht maskierte irrtum! only 19 years to finish it. And multiple genereations of different sound trackers on different operating systems and hardware. And now - *BAM* - it's here:
Please don't forget. This is a "Creatice Commons" licensed album. Specifically CC-BY-NC. Which means you can use it, as long as you don't charge money for it (without having my definitve consent) and provide the authors name well visible alongside (that would be "die nicht maskierte irrtum!" - spell it right!). Thank you.

Also. Warning. Social Networks will alter your mind. If you don't mind, then look here... And eventually: Downloads of old rotten stuff: